Nov 6, 2012

‘nobody lives for always’
edition of twenty-one
twenty pages, twenty-three photos
signed and numbered

Apr 10, 2012

begun by long time friend tom bond, 'the wellington' has featured my series 'sojourn'. thank you

tom bond

Dec 7, 2011

if you're in brighton, i have two images from 'sojourn' in this.  thank you


Oct 18, 2011

the strange & hidden power
edition of nine, four of which have magenta covers
twenty pages, fourteen photos
full bleed
signed and numbered

Jul 14, 2011

'there is nothing to declare here'
it took nearly six months to figure out the reason for this exercise. there was none

Apr 11, 2011

returned from sxsw 2011 some weeks ago. photos may be found: here  (informally titled, 'get fucked')

Feb 18, 2011

titwrench benefit show at wazee union

titwrench benefit show at wazee union

showing some pieces in this.  please support! a great time is guaranteedddd?


wazee union